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Examples of fraud

"Converting" one currency into another

This kind of fraud appeared in the 1990ies, soon after Argentina refused from it's currency unit "AUSTRAL" in favour of the "peso". The notes in australes had the name of the country written on the very edge of the banknote on both sides, and the counterfeiters simply cut it away:

Genuine banknote Fake banknote

On the larger images you can see that counterfeiters added the date (1996), "DM" mark over the kipp effect with "BCRA" inscription, and the false Deutsche Bundesbank cliche.
Thus the banknote had all the security features to check (watermarks, "hair", raised printing, etc.), but when people never knew what the German marks looked like, they could take this for a genuine german note of 1996 (that year Germany introduced 50, 100 and 200 DEM notes with enhanced security features). Sad, but true...

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